Case Study Uses

May 17, 2015


ACE Centre has a reputation for providing the latest advancements to patients who which to communicate on a level playing field with their peers. The centre achieves this by providing informative case studies to the people who wish to learn more about their options.

Video testimonials are great because they demonstrate how a sound support structure, combined with the right communication tools, can make all of the difference in the world. The communication process does not have to be arduous if the right measures are taken to ensure success for people who wish to communicate clearly.

Communication for Your Environment

May 15, 2015


Environment plays a major role in your choice of communication aid for your child. Some aids are better suited for schools. These aids include books with symbols and pictures. The pictures and symbols correspond to words and phrases to express meaning. Audio aids are helpful within a school setting as well.

Quality audio aids transform written words into audible sounds. This is a critical part of learning because it fosters a student's natural need for social interaction. It is important to make sure that the child attends a school which employs personnel who are qualified to use the aids to enhance learning.