Case Study Uses


ACE Centre has a reputation for providing the latest advancements to patients who which to communicate on a level playing field with their peers. The centre achieves this by providing informative case studies to the people who wish to learn more about their options. Video testimonials are great because they demonstrate how a sound support structure, combined with the right communication tools, can make all of the difference in the world. The communication process does not have to be arduous if the right measures are taken to ensure success for people who wish to communicate clearly.

Video case studies are ideal because they provide demonstrations regarding how to use the communication devices. Simply reading the instructions to a patient is not enough. Many people with disabilities are visual learners. When they are able to see the device used in a sequential process, they are much more likely to be successful as a result. Demonstrations can be found on different websites, but the ACE Centre website has the most comprehensive examples that lead to patient success. The Department of Education supports the videos, so they are produced in a way that makes them appealing to a wide ranging audience.

The best part about the case studies is that they introduce you to the person who found success. Each person has a name, and the patient gets to see how an actual patient who suffers from a similar disability, was able to go on and become successful. The realisation that a patient is not alone is a key aspect to the case studies. It instils confidence in them so that they will not become easily frustrated once they use the communication aid for the first time. The use of case studies is the optimal way to get usable information in a timely fashion.