Important ACE Centre Information


Communication is absolutely necessary for every person in the world to be successful. The ability to communicate is essential because it allows people to self-advocate, and to help one another in the process. The ACE Centre is a group that is dedicated to helping people to overcome communication challenges. Language and learning disorders, as well as disabilities, often leave people feeling hopeless when they cannot effectively communicate. This is especially true as it pertains to younger people. ACE Centre provides a number of services to ensure a higher quality of life for everyone, regardless of their disability.

ACE Centre recognises that training is at the core of successful communication. Complex communication and learning needs require professionals who understand how to create a quality plan of action. They provide an Assistive Technology Unit to establish an informative way for people to gain a better understanding of technologies used for communication. The 4-day course is offered on-sight, or at a location closer to you. Another unit, called the AAC Unit, is designed to explore individual needs, and the resources available to achieve the best support possible.

Assessments are provided by ACE Centre for a few key reasons. They are given to people to help determine if they meet the requirements to achieve special services. Depending on communication and verbal skills, some people are eligible as long as they are able to comprehend the purpose of a communication aid. Under these circumstances, a person can file a request for communication equipment. An “Equipment Only” request is made for people who have used communication aids in the past. Referral paperwork is accepted if an assessment was conducted elsewhere. It is the goal of every ACE Centre staff member to help people gain the tools they need to communicate successfully.

Information days are useful for people to learn more about all of the services that are available. These information sessions are available under different formats. For example, telephone inquiries are available between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. Email inquiries are encouraged as well. However, you must be aware that email inquiries might require a longer time for a response due to the sheer volume of requests for information. Perhaps the most useful avenue to take, is to utilise an information day appointment. A free 1-hour appointment is issued for general advice, specific resource information, and strategies involved with the use of assistive technology.

People who are not eligible within an NHS contract have options as well. ACE Centre believes in helping to provide a better quality of life through assistive technologies, regardless of a person’s circumstances or disabilities. Consultation day and information day appointments provide guidance on how to best help people. Common and realistic goal setting is a key to success. Anyone who knows a person who needs communication guidance should attend an information session to find out the ways in which they can bring a better quality of life to the individual. ACE Centre prides itself on creating solutions for those who struggle to communicate.